USEI has a current license to grow and partners that have been growing for many years successfully in California that produce some of the hottest marijuana strains that produce the highest yields and money. We have officially started growing cannabis with them and our hope that our first crop will come in the coming months. Images of this project can be found ABOVE… and in the coming weeks we will continue to post updates of our plants growing… including our signage and also video footage of our progress. . Our goal is to learn lessons from the best of the best growers so that we can ensure our success. In 2018 California will be issuing licences to growers for recreational cannabis growing (the largest cannabis marketplace in the world) and it our goal to be ready for that opportunity. This is an important step in that direction. On another note… we have been creating our CBD line ‘The Ultimate Cure CBD‘ a product line that we previously had…that site should be re-launch soon and we will announce once the site goes live… we sold CBD based products (topicals, tincture, lotions, potions, straight CBD oil, pills, vapes, t-shirts, batteries, pens, pipes, edibles and a wide range of products branded with our logo and our goal is to restore that opportunity to the firm. We are quite excited about our future and we hope to provide investors with more regular updates on these two ventures,” commented Miller.

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